Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Mr. Copper, SIR!

Dear Copper,
Why do you keep trying to catch me ridin' dirty? I am a safe and responsible driver! Guess who has never been in an accident?? That would be me. Yes, I have received a ticket before but that's back when I was 16… ten years ago… it's not even on my record anymore. And the one I got a couple years ago driving home to Spokompton from Utah… yeah, I don't count that one either. It was somewhere in Montana and everyone knows it's okay to speed there… except for the stinkin' copper that gave me that ticket. So WHY copper?? Why? You don't think I have better things to spend my money on in this economy? You do realize that area is a total speed trap. At the top of that hill the speed limit changes to 70--exactly the speed I was going! I just wasn't at the top yet….but I was almost there. Ugh! And another thing, I'm all about breaking stereotypes, but you are the stereotypical Copper. Mr. Jellyroll, just because you got picked on a lot in high school does not mean you need to take it out on a upright citizen of this amazing free nation! I even studied history in college!! I don't know what that means either. And do you really need to keep your helmet and dark shades on? When is Spokane ever sunny? Seriously… Do the tax payers of this country a favor and go after the reckless drivers.
And one more thing… TOOTHPASTE!!!

Use it.

This is a foto of the stinkin copper. Well... not really, but they could be twins!

ps I apologize to any GOOD coppers, or people with family members who are cops.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buh Bye Snow!

This past weekend, Matt and I went snowboarding for the last time this season. Our beloved Schweitzer Ski Resort is now closed. :( Spokane, and surrounding areas, got dumped on this year. Perfect for snowboarding! Though we were unable go as much as we wanted, we were still able to enjoy a few trips to the mountain. Matt's snowboarding skills need no improvement...he's pretty much a stud. I on the other hand needed to improve (my skills were pretty pathetic), which I did... a lot. Goodbye snow... bring on the sunshine!


Doesn't this look like Narnia?
Top of Schweitzer
Taking a break... he's rarely on his butt.
In the lodge...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today I was browsin' around online and came across THIS site. As I scrolled through the page I thought, "these people's posts are random.... and they haven't posted in forever. What losers." Then I started to look at the photos a little closer and that's when I realized... hey, that's us! We have a blog?? With quite a few posts too! I don't remember being apart of this madness.
I guess that means I have to think of something to write about. Hmm....
Why has it been so long (you might ask)? I've come up with two possible reasons:
1) We have a life. Therefore we are too busy to post.
2) We don't have a life. Therefore there is nothing to post about.
What do you think??
Well, you might change your opinion after watching this.

I'm going to go with...

C) I'm a loser.


ps I think the sound is off. I don't know how to fix it... wish i was more of a nerd.