Wednesday, February 10, 2010

34 down... 6 to go...

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I really haven't been taking many pictures lately. I don't have any cute kids to brag about yet other than the angelic looking baby in my tummy... which you can't see yet (she's pretty much perfect looking, I can already tell from the ultrasound). Instead you get a very round 27 year old lady. Not much of a photo op if you ask me. But i'll give you a pic anyway. Matt told me to stand up straight with good posture, so that's what you get. :)

Look how awesome my older sister is. She saw my post on facebook about showing concern for pregnant ladies by bringing them a cake or doughnuts and look what she brought over! Big box of doughnuts. She's the best! Thanks Whit!

Other updates:
No name yet.
Feeling pretty good, except my insides feel smooshed.
Matt's been great!
2 out of my 3 sister's are pregnant also. (one girl, and one unknown)
Sleeping is... fun.... yeah, it sucks.
Nursery has crib, changing table/dresser, paint.
Nursery needs blinds, wall decor, rocker, and baby.
Our brilliant baby used morse code to say Go Zags! the other night. (lots of kicking)