Friday, May 14, 2010

Dylan's Blessing

This past Sunday was Dylan's baby blessing. We were so lucky to have so many friends and family there. Mommy worked hard to have everything ready and taken care of so Dylan would be sleeping during the blessing. Dylan had eaten, pooped, spit up and was all sleepy by time we put her in the car seat. On the way to church she fell asleep, just like I planned. Dylan usually sleeps for a good hour to an hour & half so I felt like all my work was going to pay off. But right as the 1st counselor was announcing that there was going to be a baby blessing, Dylan woke up and her big wide eyes were staring at Daddy. I started to feel a little nervous, hoping she wouldn't cry during the blessing. Matt brought her up to the 12 man circle, (could it be any bigger?? seriously!) gave a beautiful blessing and Dylan was content the entire time. The cutest part was when Matt held her up at the end and Dylan, still wide eyed, stared over the congregation. It was adorable! After the blessing, Matt handed her to me and Dylan passed out in my arms moments later. So as you can see (or read), Dylan just wanted to be awake for her blessing. :o)

We were lucky to have one of Matt's good friends from college come up from Utah who is a great photographer. He took many adorable pictures of Dylan and the family including the one above. You can see more at his blog:
Thanks again Adam!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Prodigy

Dylan's eyes following mommy.

Okay, so maybe not quite a prodigy yet, but I think she's pretty smart. You have to admit though, she is very alert.

Pregnancy...the new trend.

From Right to Left:
Courtney Lynn Shelby, 9 months (Dylan)
Heather Lynn Lucas, 6 months (Annabelle)
Meredith Lynn Hawkins, 5 months (Evelyn)
Whitney Lynn Holley, 1 month (Baby unknown. Could it be another girl??)

I never would have thought we'd all be prego at the same time. What a crazy 2010 it will be!

(my mom stole this pic and posted it on Facebook already, so you might have already seen it)