Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby's First Bike Ride

As if we didn't have enough toys already, Matt and I recently purchased some Mountain Bikes. Luckily, for our Birthdays this year, Matt's parents chipped in (Thanks again!). Along with the bikes we felt that we definitely needed a trailer for Dylan. We have had a blast as a family going on bike rides. Dylan has been such a good sport and seems up for any adventure we take her on. I know a lot of people who feel that having kids means the good life is more adventure...a hindrance, or whatever. I couldn't disagree more. Kids themselves are an adventure, and if you find ways to involve them, you'll have a blast doing so. Anywho...
Here are the fotos...

Dylan psyched about the upcoming ride!
(her shirt says, "Let's Ride")
Dad strapping her in, making sure everything is safe.

Ready to go!

Dad with Dylan on the Centennial Trail

Mom taking a breather

What a workout!! Time for a nap.