Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Show Predictions

I thought I'd share with everyone my most recent psychic reading. Enjoy.

Castle: Though Castle and Beckett both know they have strong feelings for each other, Beckett’s professionalism and Castle’s arrogance will keep them apart for another season. Let’s be honest, if it were not for these qualities of theirs, the show would totally lack the comic relief that makes it so popular.

Top Chef-Las Vegas: One of the “Brothers” will win it. They seem crazy talented. I am rooting for Jen though. She seems to always be at the top and has a quiet cockiness about her, which I kinda like.

Grey’s Anatomy: I don’t watch this show (saw the first two seasons) but I’m going to predict (this is kind of out there) that everyone sleeps with everyone. Yeah, I know, bold statement. Half way through the season, a new male character will be introduced and his secret is that he’s a VAMPIRE! Shhhh! Don’t tell. This is such a new idea that NOBODY will be expecting it!! He’ll obviously only work the night shifts.

The Office: Michael will struggle with the idea that Jim is Co-Manager of the Scranton branch. This will cause him to form alliances with Dwight, Creed, Kevin and Meredith. Their alliance will be called SSS. Scott’s Secret Society. Their mission will be to drive Jim and Pam apart by convincing Pam that Creed is a multi-million dollar music producer and needs Pam’s artistic eye in his upcoming project.

FlashForward: I am most intrigued by this show out of all the new fall shows. By far it looks like the most mysterious show. But then one night I figured it all out. So you know the one dude that was walking around the baseball field while everyone else in the world was passed out….. Voldemort. Nailed it! Not so mysterious anymore.

Project Runway: The battle for Bryant Park (is that what it’s called?) will be between Christopher and Logan. Christopher’s collection will be far superior to Logan’s, yet Christopher’s model will confess passionate love for Logan and Sabotage his chances at the win. Oh the drama!

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane will solve every case in the entire world! Did you know he secretly speaks 8 languages? He also enjoys playing Scrabble. I’ve actually never seen him play, but it seems like a game he’d like.

Lie to Me: Lightman will meet his match when a key suspect has his face completely burned off (yuck). This suspect is also deaf and communicates with sign language. Let’s see you work your magic now, Lightman!

So You Think You Can Dance: America’s favorite dancer will be banned from the competition before the finale for using performance enhancing drugs. Shame on you, Felix! Oh, he may or may not be named Felix. I’m going to say the chances are 60-40….so pretty good.

Glee: Half way through the season the show’s ratings will decline a bit. They will seek out a big celebrity for a guest appearance to boost ratings and Barack Obama will agree to a two show deal. Cuz we all know that’s what he really is…a celebrity. OH BOOM! ROASTED! Bring it on Dems. Bring it on.

Monday, September 14, 2009


This is the best trailer so far!! I got it from MTV. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

12 Weeks & Counting...

Well, the cats out of the bag. My Eggo's Prego. I'm past that 3 month mark and can finally let the world know (which is probably a really good thing, cuz I don't think my mom is very good at keeping secrets). I'm due March 23rd, 2010... so if you want a future child of yours to have a really good point guard as a teammate, I'd get started on... well... you know... baby making. ;) Our first ultrasound was today and for the first time things started to sink in a bit. The little kiddo was moving and stretching all over the place. Very active little sucker. I haven't been sick at all (don't hate me for that) and haven't felt much difference besides always being hungry (don't hate me for that either) and taking more potty breaks. Matt obviously thinks it's going to be a boy cuz that's what all husbands think, but I think it's going to be a girl. Not because I want a girl... just a gut feeling. But who knows? We'll be stoked with either way!
Here are some fotos from today:


You know it's a Shelby when he/she is mooning people before birth.