Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic Yearbook Awards

The Kanye West Award: Usain Bolt

He's good, and he knows it.

Cutie Ba-tootie Award: Shawn Johnson
Can you find a cuter person in the Olympics?? I think not. Did anyone else think she was the best female gymnast? I mean Lukin is good, there's no doubt about that. But I felt Shawn was by far the best in everything. I love how happy and excited she looked when she found out she won the gold on beam. Glad she finally won that gold! Totally deserved it.

USA MVP: Jason Lezak

I know Phelps is insane and a freak of nature cuz he's crazy good, but honestly... if it weren't for this guy's amazing last 50-meter swim in the Men's 4 x 100 Relay, we would be talking about how Phelps almost became the greatest olympian ever.

In need of Anger Management: Angel Valodia Matos, Cuban Taekwondo Fighter

The fighter kicked the referee square in the face in protest at being disqualified during his bronze-medal match. Lay off the roids dude!

Hot Bods Award: Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh

Sure there are numerous athletes that could easily be selected for this catagory. I mean, they're all athletes, and all ripped. Yet these ladies wore white bathing suits, while playing volleyball, in the rain! So hands down, they get this award.

Can you guess???

Yes, Most Likely to Have Fake ID's: Chinese Gymnastics

This has been a little overdone in the media so i'm going to let it go. Stinkin' 13 year olds!

Best Injury: That weight lifting dude that dislocated his elbow. Eww!!

No picture on this one. I don't want your upchuck reflex to ruin your keyboard. You can thank us later.

The Class Act Award: USA Men's Basketball

I've been really impressed with the way the Men's team has acted this Olympics. They played like the greatest team in the world...which they are, and truly seem humbled and honored to be representing their country. I'm not even a big Kobe fan, but I respect the way he has handled himself on the court and in interviews. Plus, I love how Lebron and Kobe were at the swimming meet cheering on the men's relay team and Phelps. Ha! That was great.
Heartbreak Award: Lolo Jones
I'm about to cry thinking about it. It honestly pains me to try and come up with something to write. Read about it here.

MR. OLYMPIAN: Mr. Michael Phelps

If you're not sure why he wins this one, then we can no longer be friends.