Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1 Week to Go

Here is your last chance to get your guesses in. In one week from today we find out if we’re having a little dude or dudette, prince or princess, Mr. or Mrs., male or female, Adam or Eve, he or she… well, you get the picture. So far, I’m pretty undecided. Sometimes I think I know, but then I change my mind. I have a few clues for you to ponder before you make your decision.

1) The first time we heard the heart beat, it was really high (160 bpm), which means it’s a girl (old wives tale). But apparently the first time every baby’s heart beat is really high. So the second time, a month later, it was lower, 140 bpm which means it’s a boy. Who knows??

2) My Sister Whitney was telling me this morning a story about Jane (her daughter, my niece) who is 3yrs old. She was asking Jane about another friend of ours that’s pregnant, and asking if that friend should name the baby Sarah or Emily (those weren’t really the names, I don’t remember the real ones). So Jane sat there and thought for a sec, then blurted out, “Courtney’s baby is named Ariel!” HA! Whitney just started laughing cuz she wasn’t even asking about me. Then Whitney asked Jane, “What if Courtney has a boy, should she name him Prince Eric?” Jane immediately said to her, “Courtney’s baby is not a boy baby, it’s a girl baby!”

3) I had a dream…. It went like this: I was with my family at some house, not sure whose. My cousins and Aunt and Uncle were there (that means you Shannon). All of the sudden someone handed me a baby and said here’s your baby back. I took the baby but was thinking, what?? I don’t even remember going into labor. But I didn’t want people to think I was this horrible mother so I took the baby like there was nothing wrong. Then I was looking at the baby and it was wearing green. Ugh. So I’m thinking, does that mean it’s a boy or a girl. I didn’t want to ask anyone. Again, I didn’t want them to think I was loony, so I decided to change the baby’s diaper. I changed the diaper and bam, it was a boy! Those things are hard to miss. :) But it was so weird. The whole time I couldn’t believe the baby was mine. Then I looked over at Matt and asked him, “Did we name him (a name we’re thinking of. Top secret.)?” And Matt just looked at me and shrugged like I dunno. So crazy. Also, and this is kind of beside the point, I didn’t have anything prepared. No diaper bag, no nursery, and no underclothes that would help with…um… feeding. :) I had to borrow stuff from my cousin Shannon who just had a baby boy.

4) After talking with a few people who have had both boys and girls, they said that their girl pregnancy was a lot easier than their boy pregnancy. That hasn’t been the case with everyone. But some people. So far, my pregnancy has been great. I mean, not that I don’t feel anything, or don’t notice anything, but I haven’t been sick, I haven’t gained much weight yet…it’s just been easier than I thought it would be. So far. :) Not that it’s easy, sometimes it’s a pain, but I’m doing well.

There you have it. I hope you are now able to make an informative decision. I’ll leave you with a couple pics of the progressing belly.

12-13 weeks @ Gap dressing room buying jeans.

15 weeks

17 weeks
Lastly, the doctor called me today and said the Down Syndrome test came back negative (meaning doesn’t have down syndrome). So Matt says, “Look at that. Kid isn’t even born yet and already passing tests. Must take after me.”