Monday, May 9, 2011


Well, Dylan had a birthday back in March and I now feel like I'm entering a new world of toddlerville.  Where did this past year go? I know 1 year olds have no idea what a birthday is, but of course I had to go all out and have a party!  We had a Paul Frank theme and invited all the cousins over.  Even Annabelle was able to come all the way from California to celebrate.  The party was a blast, especially bubble time! I only had a handful of pictures on my camera because my mom has a way better camera, so she has most of the pictures from the day. Here is what I was able to take myself.

Right before party.

Paul Frank cake from the local grocery store.

Happy girl on a happy day.

Older cousins Joey and Jane.

All cousins together. From left, Tysen, Joey with Annabelle, Kalle with Dylan, Kali with Evie, Jane with Ruby, Porter. As you can see, everyone is so excited to take a picture.

Had no problem eating her cake!
 Also, my friend Ashley sent Dylan that Paul Frank shirt to us back when she was born with a note saying she'll grow into it before you know it. I have to say, SO true! Thanks Ash!