Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicken fried? No, Turkey fried!

This year Matt and I spent Thanksgiving at my old stomping grounds, the Lynn home. Yet, we wanted to bring a little Shelby flare to the festivities. So we decided to deep fry a turkey, a Shelby tradition. Matt's older brother Kreg went to Texas on his mission, and apparently this is big down there. He's the one that started this little tradition and we're all grateful for it. If you've never had a deep fried turkey your missing out! So yummy! We thought we would show you the most important steps in this amazing process. Here they are. Enjoy!

Set up your burner.

Get supplies out and ready

Try to look as manly as possible.

Drop in your bird.

Make sure you have a vicious guard dog to protect your bird. Thanks, Tommy.

As you wait, make one of the boys snap a picture of you so your friends know you were really there.

Find a trustworthy, buff, pan holder. You don't want someone that will drop it!

Have your excited little bro in the background to make him feel involved. Oh, and don't tell him your family found him under a rock when he was baby and decided to keep him. Might hurt his feelings.

Continue to look as manly as possible, even though you're wearing oven mitts.

Get one last picture of yourself with the bird before you start cutting, only to remember you don't know how to cut, so your father-in-law takes over because everyone is ready to eat.