Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Summer Summertime...

It's not officially summer until...

Family BBQ's

(our two nieces, Jane and Kalle)you mow your lawn

and most of all... THE LAKE!!!! Woo Hoo!

I would like to thank Mother Nature for allowing warmer weather in Spokane sooner than it came last year. Muchas Gracias!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gift Ideas?

This is an email Matt sent to my bro-in-law Joshua for birthday gift ideas. It's sort of i'm posting it.

Well, here are my thoughts

Concert Tickets
A sweet t-shirt
A volleyball (I got one as a birthday gift one year and you would be surprised at all the amazing things a volleyball can be used for when put in the right hands.)
A Decorative Lamp
A furry steering wheel cover
The Club (steering wheel lock)
A Beebe gun
A wrist rocket
A baseball mitt
Sensual Candles (for the ladies)
Nice flatware
Not really that nice dinnerware
An RC car
Type “Random” into Ebay and pick out something from the results you get there.
A semi-difficult puzzle because if it is too difficult, and you can’t finish a puzzle, you feel pretty stupid, not that that has ever happened to me.
An Adam Morrison Jersey because you can probably get a good deal on one.
A concert poster because it is probably cheaper than tickets and after he stares at it long enough, he will feel as if he was actually there.

Maybe something will spark an idea so use what you want.