Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Zags Game

Family Zag Pic
This year we have been lucky enough to go to a few Gonzaga basketball games. For those of you who live outside of Spokompton, or don't know much about Spokane in general, the Zags are the hot ticket in town.  Spokane loves their Gonzaga Bulldogs, so much that you can't buy a ticket. Every seat in the house, minus the student section, is a season ticket holder. There is also a huge waiting list to become a season ticket holder, and just to be on the list you have to pay something ridiculous, like 5 grand a year (I don't think it's 5 grand, but it's something like that. whatever it is, it's insane). If you're not a season ticket holder, the best way to go to a game is to find friends who are. That is how we've been lucky enough to go.  Anyway, we brought Dylan with us the other night and she was loving it! At first she was probably thinking, what the heck is going on. I don't think she's ever been anywhere so loud. It didn't take her too long to warm up to things.  She even started dancing to the all the Hip-Hop they were playing (see video below).  The best part is I think the game taught her how to clap. I've clapped for her before, but I don't think she realized the purpose of clapping until experiencing the game and being part of the crowd. Also, a couple days later, the Zags game was on TV and the second I turned it on, she stopped what she was doing, stared at the TV and started clapping. It was SO cute! Gotta start em young, right?? :)  

Dad and Dylan
Here is the video of her dancing...

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Paul & Rachel said...

ya zags! that's the only way we get tix :) we have a bunch of relatives that work there :)